As our assembly process for Nanotubes, Nanoparicles and Tin & Graphene Oxide Sheets and Shells improves, we are also finding ways to improve the technology that will shape tomorrow.

Nanotech is changing the face of many industries like aerospace, where Carbon Nanotubing are being developed for Cable Vaders (aka, Space Elevators), or the skins of new flight vehicles. Biomedical, like the incredible magnetic Nanoparticles that can actually help manipulate mRNA gene chains.


Currently, we’ve been creating better hydrogen gas sensors as well as better conducting and insulating materials used in electronics. There’s a whole myriad of new green sustainable energy solutions and applications we are exploring, like photovoltaic cells and hydrogen storage. The exponential growth of this industry has unlimited applications. Ones we are working on, and some we haven't even dreamt of yet.

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new technologies

Hydrogen Sensing

An air-tight test chamber with an electrical feedthrough was used for the H2 sensing characterization.

>> SnO2 NC-SWCNT Hydrogen Sensors

>> Ultrafast Response

>> Meets The U.S. DOE Technical Target



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