NanoAffix Science, LLC was formed in 2011 to commercialize it's nanoparticle synthesis, assembly, and nanofabrication of; Carbon nanotubes and hybrid nanomaterials; Nanostructure-based gas sensors and biosensors; Corona discharges and plasma reacting flows; Energy conversion and conservation; & pollution control.


Executive Management:
Dr. Chen

Junhong Chen, Ph.D., President and CEO, is Project Director for the UWM subcontract portion of the NSF SBIR Phase I Project. Dr. Chen received his B.S. degree (in Thermal Engineering) in 1995 from Tongji University, and his M.S. degree and Ph.D. (both in Mechanical Engineering) in 2000 and 2002, respectively, from the University of Minnesota. He is currently a tenured Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the UWM. He has invented a material-independent dry technique to efficiently assemble nanocrystals onto CNTs with considerable control.


The resulting nanocrystal-CNT structures enable tremendous new opportunities for nanoscience and nanotechnology applications, such as in gas sensors, biosensors, solar cells, nanoelectronics, catalysis, and nanomanufacturing. The novel technique has been highlighted by Nanowerk Spotlight.


He recently demonstrated a novel gas sensor based on hybrid nanocrystal-CNT structures and published the results in Advanced Materials. His work on hybrid nanomaterials has been featured on the UWM front page, Science Daily, PhysOrg, Photonics Online, Nanowerk, Bio-Medicine, EurekAlert, Nanotechnology Now, and the A to Z of Nanotechnology. His research excellence has been recognized by the 2008 Graduate School/UWM Foundation Research Award.


gateway patent technology


NanoAffix licensed technology for nanostructure coating technique represents a gateway patent to many future technologies.

The patent pending gas sensor technology represents just one of the technological breakthroughs that could result from the direct application of nano-coatings.

gateway technology for:

  • Nanocarriers for Drug Delivery
  • Controlled Nucleic Acid Delivery
  • Nanoimaging
  • Nanobiotechnolgy
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Novel Structure/Architecture Designs for Solar Cells
  • Hydrogen Detection & Gas Sensors
  • Nanoskins for Commercial Structural Reinforcement


NanoAffix Science, LLC
P.O. BOX 11424
Shorewood, Wisconsin 53211